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Quitting smoking requires determination, gradual progress, and medication

To further protect minors from e-cigarettes, the state tobacco monopoly administration and the state administration for market regulation issued a circular on Nov. 1 forbidding the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, the sale of e-cigarettes through the Internet and the advertising of e-cigarettes. Before nov 11, the reporter found that mainstream e-commerce platforms such as taobao and jd.com had removed e-cigarettes from their shelves.

In life, we sometimes hear that e-cigarettes can both give you the pleasure of smoking and help you quit. Is that really the case? At this point, the reporter interviewed the city taihe hospital related experts, and understand how to stop smoking scientifically.


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Smoking e-cigarettes to quit smoking?

Expert: it takes a strong drive to quit

Xiao zou, 26, who has been using e-cigarettes for three years, told reporters that three years ago, at a classmate party, he saw someone “puffing” on something that looked like a pen. “I was so happy when my classmates told me that it was an e-cigarette, that it was healthy and that it could help you quit smoking.” Xiao zou said that although he is young, he has been smoking for seven or eight years and has been trying to quit, but without success.

Seeing e-cigarettes, xiao zou thought he had found a way to quit smoking. Xiao zou later bought an e-cigarette. “When you smoke it, it tastes lighter than a regular cigarette, nothing special.” Zou said that because e-cigarettes taste less than cigarettes, sometimes they are not good enough for him to smoke, he will also take a few puffs of ordinary cigarettes, so, not only did not quit smoking, he has been used to alternating between e-cigarettes and cigarettes for three years.

The reporter looked up the material to understand, the electronic cigarette is a kind of special tobacco product, generally by the smoke oil and smoke set composition. The oil is made of nicotine and is inhaled by consumers through an electronic device that atomizes nicotine and various additives, giving the user a smoke-like feeling.

On the 15th, the reporter came to taihe hospital. Zhou yanhui, an attending physician in the department of respiratory and critical care medicine at the hospital, told the reporter that the nicotine content in e-cigarettes is indeed lower than that in regular cigarettes, which is why they taste lighter than cigarettes, but it does not mean they are harmless to the body.

“If you want to quit smoking, it doesn’t mean you can do it with e-cigarettes. You still have to be on your own and have a strong drive to quit.” According to zhou, it is difficult to quit smoking successfully if the quitter does not have the determination and perseverance.

There is a formula to calculate whether you are hurt by smoking

Zhou yanhui introduces, tobacco contains a variety of harmful substances, long-term use of a large number of human body affects almost all organs, especially the respiratory system, cardiovascular system and so on the most serious and common impact, but also affect the digestive system and reproductive system and other organs and systems.

How do you know if your lung is injured? Zhou provides a smoking index formula: the number of cigarettes smoked per day × the number of years of smoking. If the number is greater than 400, it indicates that the smoke you inhale has caused irreversible damage to your lungs. For example, if a person has been smoking 20 cigarettes a day for 20 years, his lungs are already heavily contaminated with soot.

Experts suggest that quitting smoking requires determination, gradual progress and medication

Why is smoking so hard to quit? Nicotine is the main ingredient that leads to tobacco dependence and addiction. Nicotine in tobacco is inhaled into the body and binds to specific receptors, prompting the release of dopamine, which can bring temporary pleasure. Quitting smoking, like detoxification and sobriety, can lead to withdrawal syndrome. After a smoker develops symptoms of dependency, early withdrawal can include symptoms such as loss of food, irritability, headache, and insomnia.

“When I go to the clinic, people often ask me how to stop smoking.” According to zhou, the difficulty of quitting varies from person to person. The degree of difficulty in quitting smoking is related to the amount of smoking and the time of smoking, but it is not completely positive. To evaluate the difficulty of quitting smoking, the time spent smoking the first cigarette after getting up in the morning can be used to help determine the difficulty of quitting smoking. The difficulty of quitting smoking ranges from high to low in the range of 5 minutes, 5-30 minutes, 30-60 minutes, and over 60 minutes.

“The most important factor affecting quitting is drive.” According to zhou yanhui, it depends on whether smokers can stick to it and have a strong determination. Smoking cessation is a systematic management process, requiring smokers to maintain a relaxed and cheerful mood, light diet is essential, appropriate exercise can ease the anxiety and discomfort in the process of smoking cessation, it is recommended that smokers can participate in fishing, mountain climbing and other similar activities, more to the air clean environment; A warm bath during irritability can help to relax. Work, life all need to make corresponding adjustment, fatigue, pressure big working environment and unhappy interpersonal relationship also want to dissolve as far as possible. In a word, smoking cessation is a systematic project, which requires not only the active participation of the quitter himself, but also the cooperation of his family and colleagues.

For long-term and heavy smokers who want to quit smoking successfully, zhou yanhui said they can gradually reduce the amount of smoking or gradually increase the interval between smoking.

So are there medications that can help you quit? < / p > < p > zhou yanhui introduced that at present taihe hospital smoking cessation clinic mainly recommends patients to use the drug “wellbutrin” to cooperate with smoking cessation. “After giving up smoking, many people will feel unaccustomed to it, always feel shortcomings, prone to symptoms such as anxiety and mood instability, and bupropion can alleviate this phenomenon, help to quit smoking.” According to zhou, quitters should make a plan, be prepared for a protracted war, and gradually and gradually achieve the goal of quitting smoking.

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