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Do you know how cigarettes were born?

It is a well-known fact that smoking is harmful to health. According to the United Nations health organization, smokers are more likely to suffer from respiratory and cardiovascular diseases than the general population. As early as many years ago, China has issued a variety of “anti-smoking” provisions, in recent years is gradually increasing the penalties for smokers, and strive to create a smoke-free and healthy environment.

As a cultural phenomenon, cigarette has become a cultural phenomenon since its birth. Cigarette culture is not only tobacco, but also including exquisite cigarette boxes, carved wooden pipes, and matches and lighters constitute a complete tobacco culture.


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A cigarette ignites not only the light, but also the human desire nerve. From the sense of smell, vision, even hearing to enjoy, and the stimulation of taste buds, will play this kind of enjoyment to the extreme, as the smoke in the body inside and outside the winding, the mood is also in an instant away.

Since ancient times, countless great people have loved this kind of thing that can wreathe smoke, relax their nerves and get inspiration from it. Cigarettes are not an inanimate object. But with the progress of human civilization, derived from the special culture.

Do you know how cigarettes were born?

The first people to smoke tobacco were American indians, who, according to the diaries of European adventurers, were shocked by the sight of the whole population “smoking” upon their arrival in America.

“Indians, old and young, carry in their hands a burning charcoal and grass-like plants. They lit one end with charcoal and sucked the other repeatedly with their mouths. As they smoke, their bodies relax, their fatigue fades, and their minds become completely intoxicated.”

These relaxing plants were known to the indians as Tabaco, or tobacco as we know it today.

As a specialty, tobacco was brought back to the adventurer’s European homeland. People began to try different ways of smoking according to their own life preferences. It is mainly divided into the “pipe stream” represented by the UK and the “cigarette stream” represented by Spain.

The “cigarette stream” involves wrapping tobacco in a large piece of tobacco, then lighting one end and inhaling the smoke through the mouth. Smoke tobacco in this way. And this gave birth to another branch of tobacco, the cigar.

Of course, when it comes to big, stupid cigars, the most prized of all in Spain are tiny ones made of the finest leaves of palm or corn.

They are lighter and more portable than bulky cigars. Spain has a special word for it, puro. This was the precursor of the cigarette, which was still larger than today’s cigarettes, but it also determined the difference between cigarettes and cigars, the size, and whether the roll was made of tobacco.

In the 17th century, with the popularity of smoking culture, Europe began to grow tobacco on a large scale. The increased supply of tobacco soon brought down the price of tobacco and made it a “good thing” for common people to consume.

Long cigars, elaborately made and wrapped in tobacco leaves, are intended mainly for the consumption of the rich. Beggars in seville invented a novel cigarette roll.

They pick up unfinished cigar butts from other people and cut them open. They take out the remaining tobacco shreds and wrap them in small pieces of paper to make small cigarettes. This money-saving method of recycling is gradually spreading among the poor. The natural history, written in 1635, mentions the use of the “cigarette roll”.

Before people realized that smoking was harmful to their health, there was a growing enthusiasm for smoking. People of all classes, men and women, regarded smoking as a kind of relaxation and entertainment, and the most fashionable social activity. As early as 1731, the “royal tobacco factory of seville” became the first cigarette manufacturer in recorded history.

At that time, because tobacco was heavily taxed, tobacco smuggling was widespread, with all kinds of “foreign” tobacco entering Spain illegally. In the streets away from the Spanish palace, even the general public can smoke through various means.

For most people, the most high-end tobacco is Brazilian tobacco, puffing rings of smoke from the mouth. The cigarette looks like a pen 杄, the shell is made of paper roll of tobacco was packed with Brazil.

The world’s first cigarette originated in Spain, but it is worth mentioning that the earliest anti-smoking trend in Europe also started in Spain. Smoking is harmful to health, can not smoke or early quit it!

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