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Cigarette story

More smokers support plain packaging

A new survey shows that more smokers support plain packaging laws, an important cultural shift. Two years after the introduction of the plain packaging law, a four-nation international anti-smoking survey found that in Australia alone, 49 percent of smokers surveyed supported plain packaging, while only 34.7 percent opposed it. Since ...

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Experts say e-cigarettes pose a cancer risk

Cigarettes, nicknamed “cancer sticks,” kill more than five million people a year. People who want to quit but can’t control their addiction are looking for an alternative to cigarettes. Since its introduction in 2003, e-cigarettes have reached a global turnover of 930m yuan, of which 300 us brands have 4m ...

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Five benefits of smoking

Smokers age more and more serious now, smoking quantity in constant increase: the Chinese association of smoking and health of smokers do every year a series of investigation, report the most obvious result is that the average age of smokers has been in decline, has decreased by an average of ...

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