Quit Smoking / World no tobacco day / Campus smoking ban essay 600 words: theme “A smoke-free world”
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Campus smoking ban essay 600 words: theme “A smoke-free world”

This year’s world no tobacco day is coming, and the resounding sound of no smoking echoes in my heart…

Smoking is the most commonplace thing in life. In many places, you can see the scene of “cloud and mist”. Before I heard people say, when smoking, the whole person is light, as if into the world of fairyland; Smoking can make people energetic and improve work efficiency. Many famous people have smoked cigarettes.


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I also noticed a very interesting and strange phenomenon: many cigarette packages have the words “smoking is harmful to health” printed on them. This leads one to wonder: why do factories print such words on cigarette packets while they produce them? It’s an interesting thing in life.

This puzzled me for a long time. I consulted the books, and my father, and finally solved the mystery.

It turns out that it’s true that smoking is bad for your health, and all the claims about its benefits are nonsense.

Tobacco contains carcinogens, long-term smoking, prone to lung cancer and other diseases. One cigarette and you lose a day of your life; If you smoke 365, you will live one year less than others.

Life is the most precious, a year of life means to us, everyone’s heart is very clear.

Therefore, the country advocates citizens not to smoke, prohibit smoking in public places, ban tobacco advertising, now more and more people realize the harm of smoking, even do not smoke the first cigarette.

My grandfather used to be thin and dark and a regular smoker. He lived in the smoke all day, his teeth and fingers yellow from the smoke, and even his bedclothes yellow from the smoke. At that time, whenever you saw him, you had a cigarette in your hand.

A dark, thin old man, with his back bent and a cigarette in his mouth, reminds people of something… Grandma had advised grandpa to quit smoking in every possible way, but his addiction to cigarettes has reached the highest level of smoking, want to quit talking is not easy? Before I was born, a serious illness struck him and he died after more than a month in hospital. Dad said, grandpa’s disease is smoking.

But more people do not realize the serious consequences of smoking.

At present, there are so many smokers in China that it is almost impossible for them all to quit. So, the country came up with a good idea: do not ban the production of tobacco factories, but must be marked on the cigarette box “smoking is harmful to health” the six words, remind people that smoking is harmful; At the same time, tobacco advertising on television is prohibited, and the harm of cigarettes is controlled to the minimum. This was the government’s last resort. World no tobacco day

So will this strange juxtaposis of smoking and smoking last forever? Surely not! I think with the continuous improvement of people’s scientific quality, “smoking is harmful to health” will be deeply rooted in the hearts of people, the phenomenon of “smoking” will disappear one day.

I also hope that all the smokers can give up smoking as soon as possible and get rid of the “harm” for themselves, their families and the society. May the smoke-free world come soon!

The habit of smoking tobacco is said to have originated with the indians. When Columbus, the famous Spanish navigator, discovered the American continent, he also discovered the smoking customs there, and then tobacco spread all over the world.

Only later did man begin to realize the dangers of tobacco — that smokers are susceptible to acute diseases, and that those around them who breathe in other people’s smoke also cause illness.

Uncle wang, a neighbor, is one such example. Uncle wang is a clever and capable cadre in the village. But he took smoking as his hobby and could do nothing without it. His wife was worried about his health, but several attempts to dissuade him failed.

Finally, the disease quietly came, uncle wang because of too much smoking from stomach ulcers, asthma and other diseases. His five-year-old son’s health has suffered from exposure to cigarette smoke. From this, we should be deeply aware of the various crimes of smoking, is heinous.

Look around us, how many people are smoking! If the health of everyone’s family is threatened, the consequences are unimaginable. How beautiful our earth mother ah, green trees for clothing, safflower for a skirt, but this with the harm of the cigarette butts but to her coat burned an ugly black hole.

Perhaps the cigarette end lying in the haystack has been ashamed, and the person who threw the cigarette end has not been consciences? So, friends, the earth mother has for our rampant ignorance and shed tears of sadness, as children, how can ignore.

Recognizing this, the “big fan” of cigarettes made up his mind not to smoke any more. But such a difficult day just passed a few days, uncle and “miss” that had “Shared the danger” of the smoke, unable to suppress the desire of the heart, secretly took out the smoke to smell, and do not give up to put back.

Such restraint is really “the day is like a year”, so, uncle played a trick – in the cigarette into the pepper powder, at any time in the pocket. The lure of tobacco haunted him.

Once, the uncle could not help it, took out the special cigarette, smoked a mouthful, “ah! Hot!” Uncle flushed, very uncomfortable. With this lesson, uncle dare not smoke again. He has also contributed to efforts to ban smoking.

Here, I cried out: everyone to join the anti-smoking team to go, let the earth less a harm, more a lovely, let us have a smoke-free world!

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